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Logo Design

You only have one chance to make a good first impression.

– A time honored phrase that holds true today as it every has.

Your logo says a great deal about you, your hotel and restaurant.  A good logo creates interest in your product and is the first real imagery which captures your guests attention and tantalizes their imagination.  

HotelGraphics has designed 100’s of unique and contemporary logo packages for the hospitality industry and it’s the type of work we love to do. 

Our logo design packages includes 5 conceptual ideas and 3 follow-up change proofs. The final product includes your new logo in high and low resolution jpeg, tiff and eps files.  

“A hot logo is a cool thing to have.”

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Menu Design

As it is for logos, first impressions when presenting food and beverage offerings to your guest is equally important.  So impress your restaurant customers or banquet engagers with clear, easy to read, and colorful ‘fare de cuisine’ you are proud of.  

Hotel Graphics will work with you to plan, design and produce a stimulating menu concept...and then make it happen.  We’ll send you the production art for your printer, or we can get it printed and ship it to you quickly. 

“Remember, people eat with their eyes FIRST before they ever taste the food...

So make your menus appetizing!”

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Signs & Point of Purchase Graphics

“Pardon  our Dust,” “Open for Lunch & Dinner,”  “Super Bowl Party Next  Sunday,” “Private Party,” “Welcome Preferred Guest - Check-In Here”
...You’ve  seen them all, but do all the signs throughout your property have the  same look and convey the image that your operation is professional and  is more than worth every dollar in room rate or beverage cost that you  charge?  

Hotel Graphics  can provide a great design package for all your signage needs - from  lobby display to elevator sign and room numbers to meeting room signs  that have “group function slots.”  We’ll work with you on the concept  and produce the art for you on cd/dvd to give to your fabricator or we  can handle the production and ship direct.    
“Remember...Signs are for Tourists.”

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Brochures, Rack Cards & Collateral

Sales & Promo Fliers

If you’ve got a special offer to stimulate sales over a sagging time  period (like the winter holidays), a food and beverage promotion for your restaurant or simply need a fact sheet that really sells your  property’s features and benefits, call Hotel Graphics. 

For nearly 4 decades we’ve been creating some of the  best 1, 2 and 4 color  sales flyers, postcards and fact sheets for hotels, resorts and restaurants just like yours.  We’ll deliver that sales message to you fast so your team of sales professionals can get the word out in time  and on budget.  

“Your inventory ‘SPOILS’ every 24 hours....So plan your campaigns ahead of time and have them ready to implement before the ‘VACANCY’ light gets turned on.”

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Brochures & Rack Cards

We've  been creating powerful marketing materials for hotels since 1986...And  with the changes in the hospitality industry – were 'online' now  dominates the destination selection process more and more, your brochure  or rack card (if used) needs to make a statement and easily convey the uniqueness and benefits of your property and it’s location.  

We  design, write and produce the art you’ll need for printing and overnight it to you with color match  prints and all the files backed  up.  If you like, we’ll even have it  printed for you and shipped direct  – check with us for printing prices  that will  please your controller  or CFO.  

“We’ll make sure that you brochure does your hotel justice!” 

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The Sales Kit

A good hotel Sales Kit or Meeting Planners Guide is a necessary tool for the successful marketing of destination oriented and/or primarily meetings market properties. Good design, comprehensive tightly-edited copy and clearly understandable plot plans, diagrams and space capacity charts are a must to effectively convey your message to the engager.  

Hotel Marketing Group is more than experienced in creating such pieces.  We know the business and the “hot buttons” of the meeting planner in today’s competitive market.    

“Many hotels have beautiful accommodations and service....but the planner must have confidence in “The Box” to book their meeting group with you.”

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Ads, Check-In Key Packets & maps

Ad Design & Production

We could fill web pages full of ads that we’ve created over the past 19 years - but we know you don’t have time to look at all of them...and time is money.  So, we’ll just say Hotel Graphics can produce any type of display or classified ad you or your franchise restrictions may have in mind. Good design, creative, comprehensive and tightly-edited copy that will motivate the business your way.  “Your ads should make a statement that captures the viewers imagination.”

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Check-in Key Packets & Property Maps

The designers at Hotel Graphics have been creating front desk “check-in” materials which easily convey the guest’s room location, the benefits of your property and the destination.  We design, write, illustrate and produce the art you’ll need for printing and overnight it to you with color match prints and all the files backed up on cd/dvds.  If you like, we’ll even have it printed for you and shipped direct – check with us for printing prices that will surely fit your budget.  “Navigating through your property may be easy for you and the staff...But a lost guest is a very unhappy guest.”

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Email Data Capture Displays

Don’t use HOPE as an action plan for developing future business.  A good portion of next year’s sales revenue should come from the people who have purchased from you before.  Hotel Graphics has been developing email address capture materials since email use went global. We can show you how to collect and manage data... as well as how to communicate with your past guest to make them A Future Guest.  All materials and programs we produce are in compliance with the federal spam laws.   “It’s always easier to sell an experience the second time than it is the first time.”

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